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The Exams Office of the Institut français de Chypre is responsible of the quality of the exams leading to the certifications it provides. It organises and conducts the examinations for DELF-DALF, TCF, DFP and DAEFLE.

The Exams Office is at your service for information and enrolment at:

Monday 9:00-12:30
Tuesday 9:00-12:30
Wednesday 9:00-12:30
Thursday 9:00-12:30
Friday 9:00-14:30

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Inscriptions au plus tard le 26 janvier 2018.
Epreuves du 5 mai au 2 juin 2018

Inscriptions au plus tard le 26 janvier 2018.
Epreuves du 5 mai au 2 juin 2018

Dates et tarifs des épreuves

DELF Prim 2018
  Débutant Elémentaire
Epreuves collectives et individuelles  A1.1 - 75 €
le 2 juin (matin)
A1 - 75 €
le 2 juin (matin)
A2 - 85 €
le 2 juin (matin)
DELF Junior  2018
  Débutant Elémentaire Intermédiaire Avancé
Epreuves  A1 - 79 € A2 - 90 € B1 - 129 € B2 - 149 €
 collectives le 12 mai (matin) le 19 mai (matin) le 19 mai (matin) le 12 mai (matin)
individuelles le 19 mai (après-midi) le 12 mai (aprés-midi) le 12 mai (matin) le 19 mai (matin)
  Débutant Elémentaire Intermédiaire Avancé Autonome Maîtrise
Epreuves DELF A1 - 79 € DELF A2 - 90 €  DELF B1 - 129 €   DELF B2 - 149 €  DALF C1 - 159 €
DALF C2 - 161 €
collectives le 5 mai (matin) le 5 mai (matin)
le 5 mai (matin) le 5 mai (matin) le 19 mai (matin) le 19 mai (matin)
individuelles le 25 mai (après-midi) le 25 mai (après-midi)

Modalités d'inscriptions

Teachers are kindly requested to group their pupils’ registrations and deposit the corresponding fees to HELLENIC BANK indicating the account code “UPAY FC” claiming a single group receipt. Please verify that the type of exam (DELF-DALF), the depositor’s name as well as a contact telephone number are clearly shown on the receipt.

Immediately after payment: submit or send the candidates list, the individual registration forms accompanied by the justifying documents, as well as the bank receipt, to the French Institute of Cyprus, Examinations Office, 59 Strovolos Avenue, 2018 Nicosia, before 26 January 2018.

N.B. Please note that there will not be any refund unless there is a medical emergency (supporting evidence will be required). If this is the case, you must provide a medical certificate (from a public/private hospital or a medical practitioner from the private sector) to support your request. The request and supporting documents must be submitted to the French Institute no later than 6 days following the date of the exams and you will receive a refund of 75% of the fee. Refunds are only given if you miss the entire exam (all papers). All approved requests for refund are processed after the exam results release date.

Exceptional registration for a diploma already obtained

Any candidate wishing to resit the exams of a diploma already obtained needs to make an official written request to the President of the national jury of DELF and DALF with copy to the President of the national commission of DELF and DALF in France, three months prior to the session. He/She will mention in his/her letter that he/she willingly renounces the diploma already obtained. He/She will enclose the original diploma for destruction.

Registration of candidates with disabilities

Any physical, sensory or motor disability should imperatively be reported at the time of the registration, in order to accommodate the candidates concerned. If this disability has not been reported in due time, the examination centre will not receive the candidate under the appropriate conditions. The disability should be established by a medical certificate. 

Dates and times of the exams

Registration for the exams presupposes that the candidate is aware about the dates of the exams.

N.B. The date and the venue (examination centre) of the written and listening parts of the examination cannot be modified. The time of the oral exam can only be changed in case of emergency. Extra fees could apply.

The candidates are requested to be at the examination centre not less than 15 minutes before the beginning of the exam. Those arriving late will be refused.

Identity document

The candidates who will not present their identity card or passport at the time of the exam will not be permitted to sit the exam. 

Candidate’s name and postal address

The name under which the candidate is registered must correspond to the name appearing on the identity document (currently valid) presented at the time of the exams. Besides, any correspondence concerning the exam, especially the exam entry slip and the transcript will be sent to the address initially provided. It is therefore necessary to give a complete and valid address on the registration form. Indeed, it is not possible to deliver or send a copy of the documents concerning the exams.

Verification of personal information

Upon reception the exam entry slip, candidates should check their personal information and immediately report any error. This information is used throughout the examination process. Additional fees will apply for any change requested after the exam date.

The participation of a candidate to an exam organised by the French Institute of Cyprus presupposes acceptance of the present registration procedure and terms.