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    Arch-100-x-100Developing Franco-Cypriot archaeology projects is an integral part of our bilateral cultural cooperation. In fact, France is a privileged Cypriot partner. Cyprus appreciates France's contribution to the research, protection and enhancement of its national heritage. The French archaeological missions work in close collaboration with the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus, which always encourages and supports French excavation programs, and also with the University of Cyprus. The Cypriots maintain and enjoy good relations with all French archeological missions and emphasize the importance of the missions.

    The respective missions diligently develop, in conjunction with their research programs, "skills training" for young students and Cypriot archaeologists involved in research work or study visits to France organised by local professionals. It is also worth  underlining the excellent collaborative work led by the Cypriot authorities that together with the Institut Français Chypre bring value to the development of these archaeological sites, especially those of Khirokitia and Kition.

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    sci-100x100Scientific cooperation between France and Cyprus is booming and is seeing many promising prospects. These bilateral exchanges, of the highest quality, focus as much on Exact Science as they do on Humanities and Social Sciences and Archaeology. Today, they have been integrated into the field of European research.

    Through the C2RMF, France has developed, over many years, an active collaboration with the Cyprus Institute, particularly in the field of archaeological research. This scientific collaboration will contribute, significantly to the study of culture and the development of Archaeometallurgy. Both institutions are committed to deepening their existing collaborations in order to facilitate the implementation of joint research projects.

    The Hubert Curien "Zenon" partnership, supported by the French Institute of Cyprus, is a major focus of our scientific cooperation. This partnership aims to create new collaborative excellence between France and Cyprus and to increase the mobility of young researchers. Many French research centres have also established agreements with their Greek partners.

    Apart from this specific program, the French Institute of Cyprus has been disseminating scientific culture in Cyprus. IFC promotes and supports the exchange of researchers between France and Cyprus and facilitates the reinforcement of existing research partnerships on the bilateral as well as European level.

    Finally, the French Institute of Cyprus contributes to the development of inter-university partnerships in the field of science; most notably trough the French-Cypriot Master of Mathematics created jointly by the University of Cyprus and the University of Poitiers.

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