The French Archeological Mission, Amathus

vignet amathonte siteThis site was an enigma in the eyes of historians.

amathonte statueThe city was originally occupied by, according to Theopompus, a population of "indigenous" people, strongly mixed with Phoenicians and Greeks. They spoke a language that is still undeciphered and were then led by kings with Greek names, who, in general, maintained policies favourable to Persia. Gradually, the excavation mission in Amathus confirmed the existence of the étéochypriote component of the population and the link to 6th c. BC., to its leaders and Greece.

They have also confirmed the mixed nature, eastern and Hellenic, of its religion and clarified certain historical events, the cultural context and commercial ties while uncovering key urban remains and locating elements of the development of the territory. Thus, they illuminate the life and history of this hitherto hardly known original kingdom and, through them, that of the whole island.

The French Mission in Amathus, founded in 1975, is co-funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French School of Athens, has been managing excavation programs, for nearly thirty years, in the city on the south coast of Cyprus, the capital of one of the kingdoms of the island.

Director of excavations: Antoine Hermary

The site is open to the public. Times vary depending on the season.

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