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Fluidity of navigation, diversified landmarks, careful editorialization, innovative cartographies, lively points of view… This is a brand new version of the History of the Arts portal, completely revised and enriched, that the French Ministry of Culture is now offering to support young people in their artistic and cultural education journey.

Visitez la maison de Claude Monet

French version - γαλλική έκδοση

Fondation Claude Monet Giverny

Immersion dans le quotidien de l'artiste Claude Monet grâce à cette visite virtuelle : l'occasion de (re) découvrir son atelier ainsi que son impressionnante collection d'estampes japonaises.

Visitez la maison de Claude Monet

Fondation Claude Monet - 84 rue Claude Monet 27620 Giverny

Art through the small end of the telescope: the decrypted works

Smile with the Louvre Museum! 

Discover the most beautiful (and most disturbing) smiles in the history of Art thanks to the Louvre Museum platform.

Smile! From the enigmatic Mona Lisa to medieval sculptures, the smile has been a major iconographic attribute throughout the ages. Embark on a discovery of the most beautiful or most disconcerting smiles from antiquity to the nineteenth century!

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