Niels, geology and climate change student-researcher

Let's meet Niels

Niels is from Germany, the Ruhr region to be exact. Being so close, he had visited France several times before. Each time he came, whether for vacation or for study, he wanted to stay even longer than the last. When he saw the call for applications for the MOPGA scholarship program on the Campus France website, he knew the time was right to begin a new adventure in the country where he'd always wanted to live. 

Mission accomplished! In 2018, he won the competition. His research work consists of analyzing minerals, stones, and sea salt to study temperature variations and climate change. With these analyses, he can reconstruct past climates and model future climate change. Niels is a committed researcher. Through his research work, he wants to send a message to society and political decision-makers to tell them that there is still time to take action against global warming.

Like Niels, France Alumni helps international students in their professional integration.

Comme Niels, France Alumni accompagne les étudiants internationaux dans leur insertion professionnelle en France et à l'étranger.

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